Sons of Zeus

Devotional Website for Zeus and His Sons

(Hellenic Polytheism, Divine Masculinity, and Homoerotic Faith)

Under construction

Welcome to my website dedicated to Zeus and His Sons! This is a devotional website reflecting my faith in Hellenic polytheism, or the Greco-Roman pantheon. Although I acknowledge and honor all of the Gods, my spirituality focuses on divine masculinity; thus, my worship centers on Zeus, King and Father of the Gods, as well as His male children. My goal for this website is to utilize it as an outlet for my spirituality and creativity. I want to organize and present my thoughts as I come to understand my own spiritual path. There will be some analysis and historical information, but mostly, this will be a subjective and personal website showcasing my unique take on an increasingly popular contemporary polytheistic "reconstructionist/revivalist" religion.

Made in Neocities because I'm a filthy millennial who's nostalgic for Web 1.0 retro Internet culture.

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